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If you are looking for the appropriate tools to make improvements to your Accounts Payable department, then you should talk to us.

Saninco_blue_143 x 59 pix white backgroudap keeper eliminates all the manual work from your AP processes and, through intelligent automation, gives your AP staff the time and tools to make better AP decisions. You can improve your AP processes, increase productivity within your AP department, improve your vendor relationships and gain some substantial financial benefits too.

ap keeper is a service designed and operated by Saninco Technologies Inc. and headquartered in Toronto Ontario Canada. With the rapid development of SANINCO, more than 100 employees are providing professional services for our valued customers in three main offices in Toronto and China. Our customers include Rogers, Bell Mobility, the Ontario Government, China Telecom, and Bank of China.


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Why "The Cloud"
  • Information is available anywhere, anytime.
    • As long as you have access to the internet, you can work
  • It is inexpensive
    • No large upfront costs
    • No hardware or software to buy
    • Cloud computing is always a variable cost
  • Better security
    • Full set of security services including firewall protection, log monitoring, vulnerability scans, penetration testing, and PCI certification.
    • Data is backed up at least once per day.
    • High availability with redundancy on power, networks, firewalls, servers and storage.
  • Does not require internal resources
    • IT is free to focus on other value-add projects.
  • 24/7 support included
    • Included in the monthly fee
  • System upgrades included
    • Included in the monthly fee
  • System maintenance
    • Included in the monthly fee
  • Fully scalable
    • Resources can be increased (or decreased) to meet your specific needs, in just a few minutes.